Has technology made old-school recruitment irrelevant?

One of the newest methods used to identify stand-out candidates from a group is gamification. Put simply, it involves the application of gaming-style mechanics and thinking to a non-gaming situation.

Recruiters can use bespoke games to see how candidates react to certain virtual situations, what they’re like at multi-tasking and how they interact with team members, among other things. They then analyse the data to see how each candidate performed and whether they possess the thinking patterns that best suit the company.

Charles Hipps, chief executive of the e-recruitment solutions company WCN, builds such programs. “Video games can measure behaviours and cognitive states to determine suitability to a role,” he explains. “When candidates intuitively react to in-game scenarios, they can leave behind a digital footprint of more than 3,000 behavioural data points.”

Although the potential for data gathering and automation is limitless, human interaction is required too. A game cannot replicate a human’s function exactly (yet), so face-to-face interaction and a record of relevant qualifications are still important parts of the recruitment process.

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