Causing Disruption to Help Businesses Flourish

Recruiter Jon Woodcock has joined forces with executive headhunter Aaron Weaver to form a brand new business which aims to look at recruitment in a very different way.

Business Energizer, which launches today, is, says Aaron all about disruption. “It’s a paradigm shift in how businesses can recruit and grow their businesses. It’s about offering solutions to fast growing, ambitious businesses and is born of our work with SMEs through to corporates over the last 35 years.”

The business offers companies and organisations support with key aspects of business growth from recruitment and headhunting, to learning and development, accountancy, virtual assistance and PA support, and PR and marketing as well as specific targeted services such as BEing Mum which aims to help businesses attract returning Mum’s to the workplace.

Speaking on the launch of Business Energizer, Jon said, “We’ve been supporting SMEs and corporates across the UK for over 35 years now and as part of that we often get asked to help with matters other than recruitment and headhunting. Informally we’ve connected the right people who can answer those needs to our clients but this year we decided to create something more formal.

“There is a distinct lack of businesses out there who are able to help companies resolve the problems that growing fast raises. Over the last two months we’ve put together a team of 10 exceptional professionals who have years of experience in key areas and we know that we’ll be able to fully support businesses with their growth plans either across multiple disciplines or with one specific issue.”

With big growth plans already in place, Business Energizer is practising what it preaches ensuring that those involved in the business helping clients are also involved in growing the business.

Adds Aaron, “The creation of Business Energizer is about doing things differently. It’s about disrupting the norm, it’s about supplying what clients need and want not what works for us. It’s about posing questions to our clients as much as it is about providing the answers through specialist, experienced support. Never has the time been better for thinking and working collaboratively – technology positively encourages it! We’re really looking forward to getting stuck in and watching our clients grow and we’ll continue to grow our team bringing in the experts who can truly help to grow our clients businesses in ways that works for them.”

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