Someone has rightly said – you get what you believe. People often dust out all their failures on the name of luck, unaware of the fact that luck only belongs to those who believe in themselves.

While applying for a job, people often get nervous with thoughts like ‘What if I don’t get this job?’, ‘What if the interviewer does not find me good enough?’, ‘What if I get blank in front of the interviewer?’ etc. Applying for a job often turns out to be an extremely stressful task that gradually brings down your confidence if you don’t get to hear back from employers for a few times in continuity or if every job opportunity that you come across looks worthless.

All I want to convey is stressing is the worst response you can give to any unfavorable situation. Stand up after each fall, take a deep breath and challenge yourself. There can be a few exercises, following which you can find it easy to gracefully fight the phase of your struggle and come out as a winner.

Ignore your inner critic

Very often, it’s not anyone else but us who bring ourselves down. It’s our inner voice which yells “you can’t do it” and we believe it. Our own inner critic lowers down our confidence and we ultimately end up losing. In order to be confident, you must learn to ignore these unnecessary noises of your heart and keep faith in your abilities.

Draw from the energy of others

Everything, from an ant to a human being, motivates if you have that positive sight. Learn to ignore the negatives and gradually you will start focusing straight-forwardly on the positives. Reading positive quotes, the life-stories of leaders, and listening to motivational stories of those who refused to stop no matter how hard life slapped, gives you energy and boost to fight your inner obstacles and conquer your weaknesses.

Write stuff down

Write down your skills, achievements, qualities, projects, etc. It not only helps you in your job search but also keeps imparting a sense of achievement. Write down your flaws too to keep reminding yourself of them and then work over it. Write down the answers of all the possible interview questions and read them again and again, it saves you from going blank in front of the interviewer.

Make sure of taking this notebook with you when you go for the interview. Many a time, in nervousness, answers slip from our mind and in such a situation you can easily recollect the answers if you have your notebook.

Get some exercise

Regular exercise not only keeps your body and mind fit but also raises your self-confidence. Exercising in a pleasant environment also positively affects your self-esteem. Exercising not always mean stretching you out on some giant machines, a regular walk or a basic squats or sit-ups can work.

Talk to your friends & family

Talking to your loved ones is one of the best remedies of coming over-stress. The support they render, the trust they show, and the motivation they give re-energizes you to fight back with your insecurities and low self-esteem. Make friends who hold a positive approach towards life and a never losing spirit towards their goals.

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