What challenges will recruiters be facing in 2019?

In the last few years, the recruitment industry has witnessed huge growth, undergoing multiple distinct challenges. These challenges usually arise due to rapid advancements in technology, ever-growing competition, and rise in economy etc. The high competition makes it really difficult to attract and retain the best talent.

In 2019, we can expect some old challenges to continue and some new hurdles to unfold. These challenges can be:

  1. Competition for talent

Undoubtedly, the competition for talent is high in the market, making it difficult to source the quality candidates. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to get the one, there is no guarantee of their joining. These days, candidates get an offer letter and then use it as a source of gaining a higher package in some other company and as soon as they get a package higher than what you offered, they just move on to that.

  • Team collaboration

Recruitment includes teamwork, requiring the team of talent acquisition to work in collaboration with the interviewers and hiring managers. Unlike the talent acquisition team, the interviewers and hiring managers do not have access to the applicant tracking system which binds them from seeing and contributing to the huge amount of information it contains. Moreover, these hiring managers and interviewers get only that picture of the candidate which the talent acquisition team creates.

  • Poor candidate experience

Often the time taken by the menial tasks involved in recruitment process makes you lose several potential candidates. The talent acquisition first screen the candidates, then send them to the hiring managers, who further shortlist them and send back to the talent acquisition team, who then arrange the interviews of shortlisted candidates. This time consuming process often irritates the potential candidates, causing them to back off.

  • Reactive hiring

Many a time, in recruitment, you are given a position and asked for it quick filling. In such cases, you don’t get enough time to strategize and carry out a proper plan of hiring which sometimes result in the loss of some really talented clients.

  • Time consuming

Recruitment includes several manual and tedious tasks like screening and calling etc. Such tasks bring down the pace of hiring and increase the time taken in recruitment. Due to this elongated duration, potential candidates often drop out their candidature and accept offers elsewhere.

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