A change to the interview process for Sales Professionals.

o   Phone call – initial 15 minute chat

o   Video call – chat about job opportunity, candidate experience, career progression, etc

o   Face to face – Come and meet us and the team. Offered and accepted!!

Our client was stretched, busy, working crazy hours and needed our help to bring in an experienced professional to allow the business to continue to flourish.

So, let’s take a step back and tell you more about what has just taken place.

We were recently instructed by a new Mortgage Brokerage, the owner has recently taken the brave steps of setting up by themselves.

Initially they had struck out on their own, they then added a part time administrator (family friend) to help with the constant flow of compliance, administration and then the phone calls about arranging appointments.

At this point with leads a plenty coming in they needed to locate a skilled qualified Mortgage Advisor, but someone who had the drive, enthusiasm and passion to not only be part of the team, but could see the validity of becoming more than just an employee.

David (Mortgage Brokerage Owner) explained that although he needed someone like last week, he was struggling on giving time to interview.

So we explained our strategy, we would pinpoint key professionals that would add value to him and the growing business, he would only receive 2 or 3 profiles. From that we suggested he take 15 minutes to speak with each and then chose 2 to video call for 20 to 30 minutes, inviting 1 to meet him and the business.

o   Target Resource commenced.

o   3 Profiles provided

o   Phone chat

o   Video chat

o   Face to face – job offer and acceptance

It’s early days, as Anna started 2 weeks ago, but having been to see David, he looks great, as he said himself, “I actually go to sleep without worry” and “this has been the best investment of 2 hours of my time”.

David is eyeing up his next employee coming on board in the next 6 months.

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