Recruitment is ongoing

Recruitment is hard!!

Recruitment is easy!!

Honestly it all depends on who you are talking with at any given moment. But any organisation that is currently recruiting needs to ensure that they can cope with the Top Talent that they insist on joining them, because if they do not have the product/s available then they will not get what they are looking for!!

Why won’t you get the High Calibre of new employee’s?

Well, because it is still a candidate led market. They have the choice to join or not to join.

Why are you the one choice that this person should commit to joining?

Check out the link to Simon Sinek –

This link is about how a business can influence perception.

Let me put it another way.

2 Companies, both of equal size, same sort of geographic location, but 1 of them is highlighting why they would be a real choice outlining clearly defined routes of career development with training and routes through to Management and more. The other company has a job description, a check out our website and a why wouldn’t they join us we are the biggest and best attitude.

Biggest and best rarely wins in today’s candidate led marketplace.

Here’s some statistics

·      91% of UK Businesses struggled to locate the talent they needed in 2018

·      71% of Senior Business Leaders in the Midlands experienced a skills shortage in 2018

·      51% of UK Businesses failed to recruit at all and left the position open

The example of the 2 companies above is real. We took on an opportunity on Tuesday last week, resourced and submitted CV’s and interviews took place today and the role was filled. The other opportunity is still available and we asked by the company to help them as 4 other recruitment firms had failed to fulfil the role. We are working with this company to re-shape their perception, at our request in in their full agreement.

If your company or product/s are not seen as a ‘Why I want to join, because…….”, you will undoubtedly struggle to locate the Top Talent you desire.

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