Mortgage Advisor

Why would you use a Mortgage Advisor??

Hmmmmmm, here’s a better question, why wouldn’t you use a Mortgage Advisor!!

Great article published the other day in Moneyfacts –

As qualified Professionals they are there to provide you the best advice on the right mortgage as well as the right protection for that ‘just in case’ situation.

Think about it this way, do you use a professional to:-

·      Service your car or vehicle

·      Look after your company accounts

·      Write a Will

·      Build an extension to your house

·      Fly a plane

·      Etc, etc, etc

Now there will be some people out there will do these things themselves, even fly a plane, but we believe you might just get what we mean.

There are some amazing Mortgage Advisors out there and we have the pleasure of talking to 100’s of these every day, whether they are running their own Brokerage or they are just about to qualify, there are some fantastic Mortgage Professionals in the market place today!!

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