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Today see’s the launch of BEsource.

BEsource is a thoroughbred innovative inspirational CV Resourcing and Pre-Qualification product that provides you the Business Customer the time to go back to running your Company whilst BEsource locates the CV’s for your Job Vacancy.

All for £399.00

Here is the simple BEsource Link –

BEsource has come about because, Aaron and Jon have seen companies want to grow but unable to do so as they do not have the resources or the reach or even the time to find a new employee and these companies are hesitant in using Recruitment Agencies because they have been burnt or wronged in the past or the fee’s are just too high, etc, etc.

So, Aaron, Jon and the team set about looking at a viable, fastpaced, effective and efficient way of providing you the customer with a platform that would assist you in locating candidates in the market at a fee that was agreeable.

We approached a number of entrusted Business Owner’s and Clients to discuss this and after some months of testing and re-testing we now have BEsource which we felt was the right product for you, of which we do:-

·       We engage on Job Boards

·       Locate CV’s relating to the job specification

·       Prequalification – ask if the candidate is still looking & issue job description

·       Candidate response received & verified

·       Submit ALL CV’s to you with Verification Report

BEsource is powered by BEtech and looked after by our Executive Resourcers Richard Franklin and Paul Richmond, along with a growing team of exemplary Resourcers who are here to for you to engage to CV resource, pre-qualify and submit the CV”s and the Verification Report back to you.

Please contact BEsource through the Link or alternatively via quoting BESOURCE and we will start working with you.

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